Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Session 36: Guests of the Oni

Our heros raise their weapons to match the Minotaurs. The minotaurs appear to not be interested in a gith start to back off a bit. The team questions the Minotaurs as to what they are doing here. The Minotaurs don't offer too much info except to ask them to leave, still backing away slowly. They do hint at the idea that there are more in the other room, which is a good reason for them to be backing off. The group suspect that they are trying to rally with the others and attacks.

The Minotaurs ignore the assault and bolt as fast as they can for the door to the other room. One of them takes an arrow to the leg from Rafster and he yells out "Do you yield now?"

Baxter even tries to slow them using some of the poison he got from the spiders but it's not enough damage. Fathom tries to slow them by teleporting in the middle of them and hitting their legs.

Our heroes examine the chessboard to find it's fairly old and made of jade, so it's probably quite valuable. Maul takes particular interest in it and he and Zaidi decide to continue the game the Minotaurs were playing.

Baxter, trying to get a better vantage point for his attacks jumps on the board disturbing the game. Maul and Zaidi attempt to push him off the board but Baxter is far to agile to let that happen. He does a little dance and causally steps off the board, pocketing both king pieces in the process (he rolled a 20 on his thievery, it was amazing) Maul does manage to grab Baxter, but he easily slips away. Kris is confused as to why the Minotaurs are running away, and Fathom is even more confused as to why Maul and Zaidi are playing chess. During the chess game Maul moves a pawn forward and then punches it. Zaidi explains to him loudly that this is not how you play chess.

With the door open to the other room Baxter uses his eleven eyes to peek in, in there across a checkered floor, he sees a Balgora, an ape demon.

When the team enters the room they notice the floor glows a different color depending on which tile they step on. Baxter tires to dive over to a part of the room untouched by the tiles, but the Balgora uses some sort of spell that makes him charge the creature. Rafter charges in to follow with Fathom and they are ambushed by the remaining minotaurs. Zaidi recognizes this room as an Arena of Kord and tells everyone how it works, just stay on one color square if you can. Fathom notices there is a mage and teleports in to fight him, but gets herself pigeon holed between two of the minotaurs and they toss her around like a ragdoll.
After she gets her footing, the group presses on the minotaurs till they leave one of them alive.

In here Rafster finds the sheath to the jeweled dagger they found in the other room. Baxter attempts to stealthily place one of the King pieces from the chess set in Zaidi's pocket but fails. Zaidi mocks him menacingly as Baxter laughs and backs away. Maul in one of his talks with Pelor, the Burning Hate, says that Kord is Burning Hates girlfriend. Zaidi does not like this.
Fathom goes to get their chest in the other room while Ladon questions their captive. Maul tries to convert him to the Burning Hate, but Ladon gets upset with the Minotaurs rudeness and kills him.
Fathom runs back in to tell the group the chest is missing, and the tracks in the dust lead to the room to the north.

The group opens the door and sees a huge banquet laid out before them. Their chest is sitting at the end of the room. Sitting on the left side of the table is a very large minotaur, on the other end of the table are two large Gnolls. In the middle, is a creature that looks like a cross between a Gnoll and a Minotaur. It welcomes them and invites them to sit at the table and enjoy the feast.
Zaidi can immediately sense this food is an illusion, Kris is having difficulty.
Fathom does not trust the seating and sits beside the Oni. Ladon tries to speak to him in Abyssal, but the Oni does not understand.

The Oni tells them to enjoy the food. Zaidi jokes "when will it arrive." Maul offers to add some minotaur meat to the feast, to the anger of the minotaur at the table. The Oni compels the minotaur to sit down.
Kris finally gets the hint the food isn't real and uses her cantrip to dispel the illusion. The food fades to dust and she holds her breath as to not inhale any of it. The Oni takes a deep breath and blows out a cloud onto the group, some kind of magic.

The A-team jumps into action. Rafster shoots and arrow at the Oni, and Maul asks him to be careful  as he's never eaten Oni before, and to not do too much damage. Fathom tries to urge the other creatures to leave, but they are magically bound to the Oni and cannot. One of the Gnolls hits Kris with it's claws, tearing out her throat. She collapses to the table, blood pouring from her neck wound. While the others attack the Oni, Zaidi heals Kris and brings her back up.
The Oni casts its spell again, this time hitting his allies and the team. The group is unharmed, but his allies fall asleep. This proves to be a fatally stupid move, as the group then focuses on the Oni, killing him easily. One by one the others awake, except the minotaur who is in a deep sleep. The Gnolls do their best to hurt our heroes, but are killed themselves with no effort. The minotaur gets chained up, till it finally awakens. It is unhappy  but understands he is beaten, and leaves.

Our heroes salvages any valuables in the room. The silver platters and goblets are worth a small fortune themselves. After theu turn their attention to the heavily barricaded door, where they know a dragon lives behind.

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